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LOFT Posts “Real Women” Instead of Models on Facebook

LOFT Posts “Real Women” Instead of Models on Facebook

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This past Wednesday, Ann Tayor’s LOFT posted photos of a typical model – rail thin and blonde – on their Facebook page, wearing their new silk cargo pants.

Introducing our drapey silk cargo. Your new go-to pant. They’re flowy, cropped, light as a feather and unbelievably versatile. We love them with a fitted blazer for work or dressed down with gladiators on the weekend. See our work, night and weekend styling suggestions in our new gallery.

Immediately, the responses were negative:

Christine Heck Nowmos Sure, they look great, if you’re 5’10” and a stick like the model in the photo…if you’re average height or short, and have curves, these will make you look really dumpy. Especially with the huge cargo pockets to emphasize your thighs, and a leg that tapers and will hit most of us in the widest part of our calf. What are you thinking, LOFT? Your clothes used to have classic lines that looked good on anybody; now they’re all trendy and shaped weirdly.
Wednesday at 12:50pm · 5 people

LOFT responded, in turn, by photographing their staff, real women, in the silk cargo pants. They posted the photos to Facebook:

You asked and we listened! So many of you reached out to us asking to see how our new silk cargo pants look on real women of all sizes. We hope you enjoy our styles.

While their Facebook fans loved the photos, the pants still received a big dis-“like.”

Joy Fischer LaBonte I love Loft and I sooooo appreciate you taking the time to “listen” to our comments and show these pants on “real” women. I hope you will continue to do this in the future. However, I still maintain these pants are UGLY. They dont even look like capris on #2. I did want to say thank you though and to let you know I shop at Loft, but these pants are FAIL. ; )

Wonderful job, LOFT, this is a great example of a company using social media to drive customer loyalty and satisfaction.