Inception, a new thriller from Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan, concerns a group of freelance dream thieves who steal people’s ideas for corporate gain by inserting themselves into strangers’ subconscious while they are sleeping. Trippy plot description aside, “It’s not a rug-pulling, twisty, turny sort of film. It’s not a film that confuses people,” says Nolan, who’s keeping further details guarded. Ellen Page, who stars alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, says that “the stuff he does is going to blow people’s minds. It definitely blew mine.” Page won’t elaborate beyond saying that the movie had her doing “the craziest s— I’ve ever done.”

“There are no giant flowers or pink clouds in Chris Nolan’s dreamworld. Chris was very adamant that the dreamworld should feel real, and even if these are different layers of one’s consciousness, it all relates back to that person. So we took a hard look at every scene in this movie and made sure it had validity and weight to it, no matter what was going on,” added Leonardo DiCaprio.