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Leave the Stocks Alone; Buy A Birkin Instead

Leave the Stocks Alone; Buy A Birkin Instead

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A new study finds that a Hermes Birkin bag is a better long-term investment than stocks or gold.

Baghunter’s research, measured over a 35-year period, found that the S&P 500 (reflecting the overall return of stock market investments) offered a nominal average of 11.66% in returns (8.65% real returns), while goals offered an annual average return of 1.9%, or a real return average of -1.5%. Naturally, both markets have fluctuated significantly over the 35 year time period.

Birkin bags, on the other hand, have increased in value year over year, with an annual average increase in value of 14.2% without any decline.

The purse starts around $12,000 and can retail for as much as $200,000+ for special editions and upgrades to skins such as Alligator.

Looks like we’ve found an “investment” bag after all! Hermes_Horseshoe_Amethyst_Crocodile_Birkin



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