Le Meridien has become the latest hotel brand to announce a revamp of its lobby areas, introducing a new concept called “Le Meridien Hub.”

At a June 23 launch event, the brand unveiled several new amenities to be rolled out worldwide as part of a program designed to transform lobbies into a “place for creative minds.”

Over the past year, both Hilton and Holiday Inn have embarked on similar large projects to freshen the public face of their properties.

Le Meridien Hubs will feature art installations created by the brand’s LM100 group of “cultural innovators”, including “high impact” art, projections or soundscapes designed to make an immediate impression on visitors.

Libraries will be installed in an “interaction” area which features communal seating and coffeehouse style seating, which will also host a cultural events series called “A new Perspective,” where community members will be invited to take part on conversations around culture.

Lobbies will also feature a Latitude Bar as standard, manned by a barista and featuring signature coffees by day and a wine-inspired bar experience by night — with LM100 members including wine expert Linda Grabe and coffee impresario Andrea Illy, expectations are likely to be set high in this area.

The new lobby can currently be seen in the Le Meridien Barcelona, but will be rolled out around the world throughout the year.

In April, Hilton launched its new lobby concept, complete with Apple computers and an 18-hour bar which evolves from coffee shop to cafe to cocktail bar as the day goes on — a concept that suggests it agrees with Le Meridien that a refreshment area should be a key part of the overall lobby experience.

Holiday Inn’s social hub concept is more friendly to children, however, with dedicated play areas and cappuccino machines, rather than a full-on bar.