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La Prune France Jewelry Trunk Is Personalized To Suit Needs And Style

La Prune France Jewelry Trunk Is Personalized To Suit Needs And Style

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While traveling, it is important to keep our jewelry safe, but why not do it in Parisian style! La Prune Paris, the makers of luxurious trunks and other leather goods, have mastered the art of designing exclusive bespoke trunks to cater to their clients’ wants as well as tastes. The French purveyor has conceptualized Jewelry Trunks that help to safeguard valuables in well-designed pieces of art.

La_Prune_Jewelry_Trunk_3Based on a wooden framework, these trunks are sturdy and rigid. Clad with leather on the outside, it is a jewelry collector’s storage dream come true! Lined with suede inside, it can store all the treasured accessories in one portable trunk. The chest also holds five drawers on the right side and two removable panels on the left side that can accommodate many jewels and necklaces. The nickel finish jewelry aka nails, fasteners, brackets, buttons add shine to the case. The edges are covered with leather lozines, glued and generally nailed as well.

La_Prune_Jewelry_Trunk_1Offered in a choice of colors, the trunk weighs 8.6 lb which is about 4 kg. It is sized 13.5 H x 9.4 L x 9.4 D inches. Each trunk requires at least 250 hrs of craftsmen work and its shape, inner fittings, leather, cloth etc. can be exclusively customized. La Prune France Jewelry Trunk price starts from $4,950 Euros (about $6,700) and will be available after three months of placing the order.

La_Prune_Jewelry_Trunk_2Encouraging well-heeled globe-trotters to travel elegantly, the Parisian brand also specializes in making trunks for champagne, cocktail, caviar and hats along with other leather goods.

La Prune Paris is founded by Damien Finot and Jérôme Deprecq who take utmost care to cater to special requests of their clients. Their aim is to combine the best of tradition with contemporary shapes and lines. They source their materials from best European purveyors from Italy, France, Germany and England and employ the best France and Italian craftsmen.

More than just a French brand, La Prune Paris is an ambassador of French style and way of life!

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