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Kate Winslet wears animal hats designed by Natalie Ellner

Kate Winslet wears animal hats designed by Natalie Ellner

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Many fashionistas flaunt their wild streak by wearing animal prints and animal themed accessories. But very few can dare to express their wild instincts by donning animal hats!   Kate Winslet leads the trend of wearing an animal on her head. Natalie Ellner is the person behind the series of animal-themed headpieces worn by the actress at several occasions.



The designer states that animals are a theme. And realistic pieces are sculpted to pay homage to animal’s beauty, innocence and playful nature. Each bespoke creation is uniquely crafted to gratify the client’s persona! Kate herself has worn Natalie’s creations on several occasions and her family has also sported animal-themed headgears from the same designer. Does this remind you of the phrase, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’?


Last year Kate wore a magpie feather headpiece to collect her CBE from Buckingham Palace. Recently she was spotted or rather a furry snow fox was spotted atop Kate’s crown at the Carboard Citizens charity gala.


We have heard that a family that eats together stays together but Kate’s family has set a new trend of a family that wears animal hats together stays together (at least in the fashion jungle).


Natalie Ellner was commissioned to design Captain Fox, Prince Badger, Snow Bunny and Lady Peacock for Kate Winslet and her family to wear to a private function. The Lady Peacock was exclusively designed for Kate Winslet.

Ranging from $1,000-$6,000, these elaborate bespoke headgears are brought to life by using faux fur trimmings, feathers and crystals