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Expensive BlackBerry Porsche Design: The Engineered Luxury

Expensive BlackBerry Porsche Design: The Engineered Luxury

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Undoubtably, nowadays, technology invades every corner of our mere existence. As technology evolves, we find ourselves more and more aware of the fact that we can’t live without it. But for some, technology is more than just acquiring knowledge and information in real-time. It’s a way of presenting themselves as respectable individuals. An upgraded identity card that no longer respects the lines of conventional matters. Having a super powerful smartphone is not enough. In order to become a status symbol, one needs to be different. This uniqueness we all crave for is portrayed through different elements that surround us, such as clothing, accessories, style or technology.

Now, when it comes to uniqueness and technology, good specs and a stunning design create the perfect “package” for the elite. Imagine a billionaire hitting the streets with a regular car. No, it won’t happen. Ever. The same principle applies when it comes to smartphones. You won’t need regular phones. If you have money, you have power. And if you have power, you want your possessions to be different, unique and uplifting, if possible. For those of you who afford to pass from a “regular” (consumer phone) iPhone 5 to a custom-made item, BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 phone will definitely catch your attention.


BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 targets businessmen who are passionate about neat, elegant and expensive phones. Let’s see now what exactly P’9981 promises: good battery life, intuitive shortcuts (as expected), “a premium forged stainless steel frame, rich, genuine leather backing, wide iconic BlackBerry® QWERTY keyboard and large, luxurious full-touch screen.” Moreover, the luxurious phone boasts a  Qualcomm MSM8655 Snapdragon chipset 1.2GHz, 768MB RAM and 8 GB built-in storage, a 5 MP camera, integrated GPS and last, but not least, BlackBerry maps. Price: $2,000.