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Jennifer Aniston Stars In The New Emirates A380 Ad

Jennifer Aniston Stars In The New Emirates A380 Ad

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After signing up Jennifer Aniston to be the face of its upcoming global advertising campaign, Emirates airline has released the first official look at its lighthearted one minute advertising campaign featuring the Friends star.jennifer_aniston_emirates_380_1The new brand ambassador is seen dressed in a white robe and peeking into an airplane toilet, clutching a loofah and a bag of toiletries. The storyline clearly targets the rival American airlines as the 46 year old American actress plays the role of bewildered US airline passenger asking the flight attendants where she can find the shower. Also at the idea of visiting the bar at that height, the attendants tell her there is no shower and no bar, and offer hot towels and some nuts. They make her realize that “This isn’t an Emirates plane, ma’am.”

Directed by Bryan Buckley, the film continues to show Aniston waking up in her private suite in an Emirates first-class cabin. She is glad to realize that the whole episode was a nightmare and heads to the bar aboard the A380, all dressed up. The ad ends with a slogan “Wake up to flying as it should be.”