Visiting places has turned into more than that – hospitality design has pushed the limits of our travels, offering site-specific solutions for blending extraordinary places of comfort and relaxation. The perfect example is the new Vander Hotel in Ljubljana’s historic center – a Sadar Vuga Architects creation topped off with a glasshouse, spacious terrace and swimming pool. The ground floor emerges as main public space, with a welcoming reception, inviting restaurant and socially attractive bar and relaxing lounge areas.

Arranged around a vertical atrium sustained by a staircase, next three floors shape a 16-room hospitality center featuring surprising details. Constructed within the interior space of four adjacent historic buildings, the modern hotel Vander is based on a kaleidoscopic play of 3D patterns constructed out of different materials mirroring in the reflecting elements inside, while the exterior remains unaltered. Giving the impression of cozy living spaces, each room showcases custom-built furniture, light colors and textile floors, creating a comfortable setting for the perfect vacation.