Using colors, simple materials and modern technology, a talented designer can create wonderful decorative furniture items. For example, Munich-based Markus Benesch created the Carton furniture collection from a combination of unusual materials: kraftpaper, corrugated cardboard, wallpaper and rapoxy. Markus Benesch creates architecture, products and surfaces. With over 22 years of experience in the field, the designer fabricates patterns, shapes and items that challenge the way we look at things that surround us.

With each one of his collections, the artist discovered new ways to use resin based coating, fabrics, laminates or wallpaper to determine the outcome of a project and to create unique spaces. Spending his time between Munich and Milan, where he has a temporary workspace, Markus Benesch uses his talent to explore graphics, colors, patterns and palettes and then gather them together, creating spectacularly modern pieces. His team mixes different materials and aesthetics to create unique, inspirational items, which you can enjoy on his site.