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IF60 Luxury Powerboat by Hermes & Zeus Design is priced at $3,650,000

IF60 Luxury Powerboat by Hermes & Zeus Design is priced at $3,650,000

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IF60 is the new luxury powerboat designed by the Hermes & Zeus Design. It looks sui generis in its looks with lovely smooth curves on its body. Hermes & Zeus – the design house known for incredible yacht designs – has conceptualized this speedboat to show its skills. This new yacht design by the house will be given a practical shape by the Mystic Powerboats which hold supremacy in construction and engineering of high-end powerboats.

IF60 has a characteristic V-hull design and has been conceptualized with the help of carbon fiber reinforcements accompanied by high-quality materials like Dupont Imron marine paint and e-glass construction. All these materials contribute to lightweight of the powerboat. Taking a look at its technical aspects, it has MTU 10V 2000 engines that produce about 1,600 hp each. This wonderful power leads to the cruise speed of about 60 knots that is equivalent to 69 mph. The maximum speed whereas goes up to 90 knots i.e. approximately 104 mph. This is not all about the speed of the powerboat as it offers even more for the lovers of speed. Twin 2,200hp turbine-powered version can be availed which can progress up to astonishing 180 plus knots (200 mph).

The powerboat is 18.3 meters in length, 4 meters wide and 2.4 meters tall. High on carbon fiber diet, this powerboat cruises on water just like a supercar races on a road. Quite elegantly, it possesses master head, guest head, master stateroom, galley, and a fort guest stateroom. Can you guess the price of this excellent powerboat? Well, it will be priced somewhere around $3,650,000 when it hits the production line. More bespoke options are also available that will make it even pricier!

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