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Mercedes Benz S600 Guard gets a luxury makeover by TopCar

Mercedes Benz S600 Guard gets a luxury makeover by TopCar

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Mercedes Benz S600 that already symbolizes luxury has been made much more lucrative and sexier by the recent customizations done to it. Precious and rare materials like Karelian birch, gold, and crocodile leather have been added to glorify its interiors by TopCar for those one percent customers who want Midas touch around them no matter what it costs them.

The lovely S600 has a passenger capacity of five people with a trunk capacity of 16.4 cu ft. The transmission type is 5-speed automatic. The engine is .5L Bi-turbo gasoline V-12 which powers the beautiful car with 510 hp at 5,000 rpm. This luxurious beast can reach an acceleration of 0-60 mph in just 4.5 seconds. If you finally get it in the customized form, then you have one less reason to worry about as it delivers the fuel economy (however we all know that it doesn’t matter at all) of 12 mpg (in city) and 19 mpg (on highway).

The recent expensive overhaul has made S600 look more beautiful and credited it as a car with one of the best interior customizations in recent era. For now, if you are also looking forward to get your Benz customized with similar interior options, then this luxury car with bespoke interior at a whopping $700,000 might be a true source of inspiration for you.

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