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How to Celebrate National Caviar Day July 18th

How to Celebrate National Caviar Day July 18th

With Caviar “bumps” trending this summer and National Caviar Day coming up on July 18th, now is the perfect time to indulge in some creative caviar dishes. While the decadent delight is not for everyone, here are some of our favorite unique ways to try caviar:

Bluefin Tuna Tartare ar Caviar Russe in New York City 

The perfect light bite from Michelin Star Caviar Russe is the Bluefin Tura Tartare (Nori cornet, bluefin tuna, dashi, caviar)  from The Bar Room menu. The Bar at Caviar Russe also offers a series of caviar signatures, where you can taste and compare several distinct caviar varieties.

Credit: Josh Brasted

Caviar and Sweet Corn Ice Cream at Miss River in New Orleans

Sweet and salty come together for a playful take on dessert with this sweet corn ice cream paired with imperial golden osteria caviar.

Credit: Sam Hanna

Blue Crab Roll –  Chandelier Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in New Orleans

The popular Blue Crab Roll is a delicate bite of toasted brioche roll and creamy jumbo lump crab meat, topped with a generous portion of paddlefish caviar.

Credit: Rush Jagoe

Pommes Marilou –  Bar Marilou in New Orleans

A beautiful presentation of crispy potatoes, rich crème Fraiche, and bowfin caviar is a standout dish from Bar Marilou.

Caviar Service ft. Zapp’s Potato Chips – Cure in New Orleans

A simple take on a caviar ritual- this dish includes 1.25 oz of cajun caviar and Zapp’s Potato Chips with creamy sour cream & onion dip.