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This European Airport Now Features a Michelin Starred Restaurant

This European Airport Now Features a Michelin Starred Restaurant

Those who travel to find incredible dining experiences are in luck — a “Five-Star-Airport” in Europe just got its sixth star, and it’s a Michelin!

Many had already taken note of chef Stefan Barnhusen’s highly sophisticated menu from Tuesday to Friday at The Hilton Munich Airport’s “Mountain Hub Gourmet,” with a choice of five or seven courses.

Mountain Hub Gourmet Team at Hilton Munich Airport © Munich Airport

“Whether it’s rare skrei with kale and sea buckthorn in a sword scallop broth or black salsify with liquorice and spelt: the courses are highly appealing and arranged with great attention to detail,” wrote, so a star was highly anticipated at the most recent Guide Michelin ratings announcement in Hamburg, where Barnhusen and his team were on hand to accept the honor.

The restaurant, which has already won awards for its quality of service, was praised by Michelin for its ambience and creativity.

And, of course, given its location, it’s now more in demand for foodies in flight!

Mountain Hub Gourmet Restaurant © Munich Airport

Said Munich Airport CCO Jan-Henrik Andersson, “With this award, our airport is the only airport in Europe to offer such culinary high flights to the stars.”