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Grand Pigalle Boutique Hotel Welcomes With Bed and Beverage In Paris

Grand Pigalle Boutique Hotel Welcomes With Bed and Beverage In Paris

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Pigalle, touted to be the new heart of French capital, is home to a new boutique Paris hotel. Open onto the villas of the avenue Frochot, the private estate where Toulouse-Lautrec once lived, the Grand Pigalle Hotel is a sister hotel to the Experimental Cocktail Club bars in London, Paris, and New York. Blending with the cosmopolitan spirit of SoPi  (South Pigalle), the Grand Pigalle Hotel nestles in a neighborhood that is known to be spiritual, festive, hedonistic, and mysterious; a quartier reconquered by the Parisians in order to redefine and reanimate its uniqueness.

grand_pigalle_hotel_1Founded by Romée de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Olivier Bon, the chic property stands out at the corner of rues Victor-Massé and Henry Monnier in the most sought-after Parisian location. The 37 rooms of the Grand Pigalle Hotel embody the revival of this historic neighborhood and testify the culture of Pigalle which is unique to the world.
grand_pigalle_hotel_4The first-ever hotel project of the Experimental Group succeeds in making guests feel like a Parisian local. The ground floor, a space for reception and the wine bar, transforms throughout the day to capture the moods of the city. Eliminating the idea of lobby, the hotel welcomes with just a desk that guards the antique-style door keys.grand_pigalle_hotelThe corridors are lined with the entertaining thick “martini” blue leopard-print carpet designed by the French designer Dorothée Meilichzon who is responsible for the complete modern decor of the Grand Pigalle. This leads the way to the golden pineapples affixed to the doors, which then open into a room replete with cocktail “minibars” and rolling carts.grand_pigalle_hotel_parisian_roofClearly reflecting French elements, the hotel features large bathtubs, custom-made mahogany desks, drawer handles and doorknobs, window frames, metallic wallpaper details, miniature bottled handmade cocktails crafted by ECC and traditional keys.grand_pigalle_hotel_parisian_roofs_1The cocktail menu and wine list of the Grand Pigalle Hotel combines the great classics of the founder’s history with new creations inspired by the bohemian spirit of Pigalle. The spirit of “Bed & Beverage” reigns as these cocktails are served in the hotel’s rez-de-chaussée and are offered as room service, along with the wine list.

“Wine and Dine” is the wine bar with the Italian accent of a wine list rich in more than 200 references, this selection features the best producers of Italy. The cellar of the Grand Pigalle Hotel is the ideal location for re-discovering the unsung wines of this French cousin.

The views from the upper floors are picturesque, offering a view of the tip of the Sacré-Cœur behind quaint apartment rooftops.

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One of the founders reveals to Cool Hunting that, “Opening a hotel was a natural next step after opening bars and restaurants. A hotel houses all of our concepts—wine, cocktails, food—under one roof, with the added bonus of a chic place to sleep. Also, as big travelers and spending a fair amount of time in hotels, we wanted to bring our own ideas and finds into this industry.” Olivier Bon also added, “The connection with the food and beverage part is a huge plus too. We always wanted to create a boutique hotel with a small but great room service.”

Grand Pigalle Hotel Via Cool Hunting

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