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Got $12,000 to dine on a naked female’s body as a sushi platter?

Got $12,000 to dine on a naked female’s body as a sushi platter?

Got $12,000 to dine on a naked female’s body as a sushi platter?

In the times when kings and queens ruled the planet earth, luxury used to reside in their daily routine. Dining with utensils made of gold, silver and embedded gems was a normal thing for such glorifying souls. Just like that, Japan used to have an urban legend practice known as ‘Noyotaimori.’ Noyotaimori deals with the practice of sushi dish being served right on the body of an appealing naked woman. If you are all money laden and wish to have that lucrative experience of dining, then you can have tasty sushi served at your command today also that too on a mesmerizing female’s naked body!

Few of the high-class restaurants offer this luxurious service of living sushi platter in cities of Japan like Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. And, when you have such a magnificent platter for you, then it certainly costs you something. As per sources, it costs about $1,920 for the standard Nyotaimori, whereas the high-end dining costs as high as $12,785.

Some high-class people who are in love with this kind of female body presentation say that it is a kind of art that only rich can afford to have. And, maybe this is right in a way because to be a living sushi platter, female models are trained to lie still for hours and be presentable all the time. Again, the beauty of the body is the utmost priority to serve the right kind of the meal. If you like the idea and want to give it a try, then what all you need is to go to the land of sushi and spend a good amount to dine some mouth-watering sushi probably enriched with gold leafing and exotic ingredients.

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