In the age when gadgets evolve like a continuous flowing rich river, none remains untouched with their charm and appeal. But some gadgets are not just simple gadgets that you can get anywhere. In the talk here are the luxurious gadgets which are brilliantly designed in precious metals and materials. George Chirita is a French computer designer who initially worked as electronics engineer and now he creates royal and luxurious gadgets. His designs are oriented towards making computer and the related accessories too precious for the rich and royal class. He decorates his creations with valuable items like marble, lapis lazuli, precious stones, and gold. He is deeply inspired by the royalty that symbolizes French King Louis XVI. His creations from a price tag of $21,000 making them affordable for a few buyers.

Chirita, who came as immigrant to France, believes in the concept of luxury technology and he has made some wonderful creations that rich people have loved a lot. He has a little company that manufactures computers in three varied styles- Empire, Louis XV, and Louis XVI respectively. The passionate designer does not hesitate in including precious stones to his computer designs because he knows very well that his creations are unique, stylish, and rich.

The luxury computers are generally created with marble and lapis lazuli base. Brass and bronze, plated in gold, are two metals that go in making of beautiful monitors. Special expert artists see to everything with individual attention. It is evident that there luxury computers are not for the mediocre class because royalty does not come that cheap.

Via: Reuters/OddityCentral