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Fireless Fireplace Introduced For VIP And Executive Jets

Fireless Fireplace Introduced For VIP And Executive Jets

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Sky is the limit to fly luxuriously for private jet owner, especially when Lufthansa Technik extends its expertise. The subsidiary of Lufthansa Group has already teamed up with luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz Style to design VIP aircraft cabins. Moving higher, to cater to more than just adding a well-stocked bar and a large Jacuzzi in the jet, the company has designed the Fireless Fireplace for VIP and Executive Jets. Fireless_Fireplace_lufthansa_1Unveiled at EBACE 2015 (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) in Geneva, Switzerland for the first time, Lufthansa Technik’s new Fireless Fireplace looks and sounds like a real fireplace and gives passengers a warm feeling while traveling at cruising altitude. Catering to the need of flying in cozy interiors, the company has designed the new electric fireplace for VIP cabins such that it can be adapted to every flyer’s specific taste.

Meeting the certification requirements and safety regulations from the authorities, the Fireless Fireplace uses a technology which simulates a fire by illuminating water mist combined with an illuminated imitation of burning wood. This creates a very realistic 3-D impression of a real fire, while the “flame” is cold. Heat, sound and the intensity of the flame can be adjusted by a remote control and can be switched on/off independently from each other. Weighing 30 kg excluding the surrounding interior design, the fireplace that doesn’t really house fire consumes 1300 watts.

Feel the heat, hear the cracking of wood as the jet soars though freezing weather.

Lufthansa Technik Via Wired