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Fair Trade Spirits

Fair Trade Spirits

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Fair trade moves from coffee to spirits with the Fair Trade Spirits Company.

Fair Trade Spirits hooks up the best French distillers with local cooperatives in the developing world to bring consumers the finest spirits possible produced from Fair Trade ingredients.

Fair Trade spirits are produced from Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients and comply with organic farming methods. The company builds long-term relationships with partnered cooperatives and their communities in order to ensure their sustainable development.

The initial offerings includes:

Quinoa Vodka – the first quinoa-based vodka ever produced
Goji Liqueur – made from the sacred goji fruit, and harvested from remote valleys in the Himalayas
Café Liqueur – made from organic coffee beans grown in the mountains of Huatusco in Mexico, and with cane sugar grown and harvested in Kasinthula, Malawi.