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Elegant Version of Camping in the Swiss Alps: PODhotel

Elegant Version of Camping in the Swiss Alps: PODhotel

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If you thought you could not mix “luxury” and “camping”, here is a project to prove you wrong. PODhotel is a sustainable accommodation unit developed by studio POD Design+Media and located in Flims, Switzerland.

According to Robust Outdoor Brands– the company that built the modules which make up the hotel,“the PODhouse idea was originally conceived to improve the popular holiday adventure experience of camping during the winter months in the Swiss Alps. The Pods have been thus made using FSC certified wood and are made to withstand the elements whilst also minimizing any impact on the surrounding environment. With rugged durability, good insulation of the floors and walls, and double glazed windows and doors, the PODhouse guarantees a “glamping” experience for those so inclined”.

Camping is made easy in Switzerland with the new PODhotel, as it accommodates a comfortable bed, electricity and heating. A room can be booked online here, with prices ranging from $62 to $90 per night.

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