The result of a design collaboration between Joanna Pszczółka and , the It Me Eco Fast restaurant is located in Ochaby, Poland and stands out due to an original layout and decor.

The main purpose of the designers was to give this place its own personality, an image that would make it distinct from other big fast food brands. The Eco-restaurant stays true to its sustainable principles, displaying an interior made up of Eco-friendly furniture and decorating materials. According to the designers, “the restaurants’ walls were made of concrete blocks covered with non-woven geotextile fabric. The light wooden construction, with slats made of coniferous plywood on top of it, was fastened to the walls. The table tops are metal with MFD panels screwed to them. The white and thick laminate, used in gastronomy, was stuck on top of them“. The result is an elegant, modern and welcoming small restaurant, perfect for friendly gatherings.

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