The beautiful Greek island of Santorini is home to a breathtaking architecture, one that combines opulence with a sense of traditional. Apollon Villa is perfectly integrated in the uneven terrain, offering visitors front raw seats to the famous caldera. The villa was recently fully renovated and can now accommodate up to six people in its three bedrooms. Even though its overall design pays tribute to the Cycladic style, the retreat was decorated with handmade Italian tiles and added traditional stone work, resulting in appealing modern-eclectic interiors. santorini-blueangel-1

The most spectacular feature of the Apollon Villa is the private round Jacuzzi on the terrace, where one can take in the  beautiful views. The living room is impressive with its high and vaulted ceilings, stylishly contrasted by the modern furniture arrangements. The airy and spacious interiors are defined by an alluring holiday atmosphere. A stay here will cost from €340 – 1270 per night, depending on the season.

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