While the shoppers in the East are rushing to the newest and the largest Dior flagship in China, skiers as well as shoppers up north heading to the French Alps can stop by Dior’s ephemeral winter boutique in Courchevel. diorcourchevel_2015_2The seasonal store of the Parisian label has opened its doors again to woo fashionistas who brave low temperatures and high altitude in ultimate style. diorcourchevel_2015_3Catering to the high demand of fashion at great heights, it is home to Dior’s latest collections of ready-to-wear, accessories, footwear and jewelry. diorcourchevel_2015_4Nestled in one of the most popular ski resorts in the Alps, the interior of the Courchevel outpost is inspired by the legendary snow-covered ski resort itself. diorcourchevel_2015_5It is also peppered with design works including a low table by Laurent Chauvat and a “Danseuse” lamp by Anne and Vincent Corbière.diorcourchevel_2015_6diorcourchevel_2015_7diorcourchevel_2015_1Dior