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Inside The $25K Dom Pérignon Hotel Suite At The New York Palace

Inside The $25K Dom Pérignon Hotel Suite At The New York Palace

Christopher Parr | Pursuitist
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Watch below as CNNMoney features The New York Palace and The Champagne Suite. Laurie Segall of CNN interviews General Manager, David Chase and Dom Pérignon Creator, Richard Geoffroy, on the inspiration of this unique suite. The Champagne Suite was designed by notable New York-based design firm BBG-BBGM, led by Interiors Partner and Principal Designer Amy Jakubowski, now Partner and Managing Director at Puccini Group. Rates for the suite begins at $25,000 per night.

New York Palace Hotel: The extravagant Champagne Suite was inspired by the exquisite taste of luxury champagne, such as Dom Perignon, sprawling 5,000 square feet over three floors of breathtaking vistas and spectacular décor. Carefully curated art and elements of contemporary opulence capture the varied richness of Manhattan life against a backdrop of warm blacks and bronze tones, creating an optimal atmosphere for relaxation and revelry.

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