Welcome to the interiors of an exquisite wellness center, designed by Studio Alberto Apostoli and located in side the Belfiore Park Hotel, on the Venetian side of Lake Garda, Italy. Entitled “Dhara”, the spa occupies an entire floor of the hotel and invites its guests to have a relaxing break.

According to the designers, “the project aimed to create a balance between the classical elements of the SPA by carefully studying spaces, forms, materials, colors and lights. By taking advantage of the local materials, the particularities of the location and a natural spring that was discovered during the construction, the SPA obtains a sensorial environment that is alive with every construction detail and material that was specially designed for it“.

The focal point of the entire wellness center is a massive olive tree, that was especially integrated in the design in order to enhance the feeling of relaxation. This beautiful natural element adorns the socializing room, a place with a highly contemporary look. The basin of water in the middle is constantly refreshed by a natural spring and the mosaic room in the photo below is in fact a vapor bath, meant to sooth the senses. To top it all, the center also has stunning views of lake Garda, located nearby.