For us to have an uncomplicated lifestyle, we must have an uncomplicated place to live. House of Lake Biel in Switzerland is one of those beautiful homes that composes a relaxing atmosphere around its owners, helping them forget daily stress-related issues and indulge in a unique, customized environment. Imagined by Biel-based design studio Bauzeit Architekten, the modern residence emphasizes the powerful connection between the interiors and surroundings via large expanses of glass.

The gentle slope under the house helps position the new construction where once a 19th century villa garden used to be. The remaining pond, vegetation and an ancient cave are now part of the new project. Rising up three levels, the house is divided between the living room and kitchen on the ground floor, the sleeping area and two zones for work and meditation, plus two bathrooms  on the first floor. The lower level is occupied by the cellar, laundry, heating and a workshop. Transparency is the main feature of the whole construction, with latticed windows filtering natural light reaching the interiors and reducing heat gain. A combination of monochrome color palette and bold colors was used to define the interiors, while the surrounding landscape becomes part of the overall appearance.