Take the time to visit the birthplace of the Hennessy line.

You never forget your first, and Hennessy was my first real introduction to cognac. Through the vineyards, the river, the tasting, and even the estate, it was quite a first time. he day started bright and early with a true French breakfast of croissants, fruit, cheese and yogurt at Chateau de L’Yeuse before we packed up for our next location. It was a beautiful summer day with temperatures in the 70s as we headed through the windy roads of Cognac to the Hennessy Vineyards. There we were met by Cyrille Gautier-Auriol, Hennessy’s Ambassadeur de la Maison, who showed us the vineyards and the grapes, and explained how the grapes in this region don’t make great wine, but they produce outstanding brandy and can be blended for the best cognac. – From Examiner