Chris-Craft has long been one of the truly legendary names in the marine industry. The famed American boat brand was founded in 1874 by Christopher Columbus Smith in a small town on the banks of the St. Clair River in Michigan. It was here that Christopher Smith built his first boat at the tender age of 13. Since then, Chris-Craft has built a reputation for producing the most elegant and sophisticated sports boats, leading the industry in craftsmanship and quality. The company has sold high end boats to famous customers such as Dean Martin, Katharine Hepburn, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

Their latest attempt, the Carina 21, embraces design cues from the brand’s original DNA and speaks the language of speed and luxury fluently. The Carina gets a huge styling upgrade. Glistening teak in the deck and swim platform, and gobs or custom designed polished steel, it’s pure eye-candy for the nautically inclined. A frameless windshield seems to naturally grow out of the fiberglass, and diamond patterned upholstery adorns the cockpit.

This new roundabout is built with a vertical bow profile complete with stainless steel bow plate and also carries classic sloped tumble home that has become a signature of Chris-Craft design.

Steve Heese, Chris-Craft President, said “The Carina 21 speaks to the past but the design appeal is forward thinking and unmistakably Chris-Craft.

Mission #1 for the Carina 21 is to look cool, classy, elegant and retro. No boat builder executes that task with as much taste and art as does Chris-Craft so we can say “mission accomplished”.

The Carina 21 will certainly make a handsome tender for any megayacht no matter its style. People who have summer lake houses with a mooring for their primary vessel can use the Carina 21 to get from the shallows of their dock out to the mooring, or to cruise down the way to the local bistro.

The secondary mission for the Carina 21 would be to take family and friends for a cruise around the lake in comfort and style. Finally, the Carina 21 can also be used for watersports such as towing a skier or wakeboarder. Anyone with a dock in front of their house will appreciate the panache of having a boat as swell looking as the Carina docked out front.

The Carina 21 is a true wonder of design and yet keeps its quality of build and performance, which Chris Craft has made its name for over 130 years.

Chris-Craft Carina 2

Chris-Craft Carina 1