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Chanel’s New J12 Moonphase Watch: Inspired By The Moon

Chanel’s New J12 Moonphase Watch: Inspired By The Moon

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The new J12 Moonphase is the latest watch released by the popular luxury brand Chanel and a timepiece to die for, available exclusively in the 38mm wide size. Reinterpreting classic motifs and highlighting the preciousness of ceramic, Chanel unveils a watch that has been inspired by the phases of the moon and the night sky. The fresh look, the brand’s prestige and the (diamond) details transform a wrist accessory into an exclusive piece of jewellery.

“The new moonphase models come a decade after the release of the first J12. Designed by the brand’s late artistic director, Jacques Helleu, the watch was originally launched as a small collection of timepieces in high-tech black and white ceramic, and Chanel has stayed true to its monochrome roots with the new J12 Moonphase.” The watchmakers added for this new splendid J12 model a small dial which indicates the current phase of the moon: new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter. The Moonphase ceramic version is available in black or white, with or without a diamond bezel.  The version that comes with diamonds boasts a staggering price of $24, 300.