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Cat Art Show Returns To Los Angeles

Cat Art Show Returns To Los Angeles

Whether you are a cat person or a dog person, there’s no denying that cat art is wildly popular.

Cat_Art_Show_2_Mark_Ryden_AmandaWith a movie-like title, Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel has attracted an impressive roster of artists for a show running March 24-27 at the Think Tank Gallery. Mark Ryden has announced a painting inspired by an interview from Amanda Seyfried and W Magazine. Ryden explains: “When I was considering a subject for the Cat Art Show, I remembered a comment Amanda Seyfried had made in an article in W Magazine about wanting to have me paint her with a cat. Amanda has a captivating face and beauty, she is a great subject for a painting. I thought it would be interesting to actually carry out her idea.”

Photographer Rick Hardcastle has collaborated with Ricky Gervais on a photograph. Prints sold will benefit Kitten Rescue. Other artists include “The Walking Dead” star and photographer Norman Reedus, Adam Wallacavage, Brandon Boyd, Mick Rock, Tokidoki, and a total of over 70 talents showing off their cat-inspired works.

What is it about cats that make them such great muses? Daniel Maidman (What A Cat Thinks About I & II) said “Cats have a humorless sense of dignity that they are naturally comical; combined with their good looks, they make a delicious topic for memes and art alike. Cat Art Show brings together a broad range of artistic responses to the cat.”

The opening reception will be held on Thursday at the Think Tank Gallery 939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015 from 8-10pm. On Saturday, March 26 ​at 2:30pm, ​author, historian, and participating artist Paul Koudounaris will present a lecture entitled “Cat­tastic: Wild, Weird, and Heartwarming Stories from Feline History.” Admission to the lecture is free, but seating is limited. ​Dr. Koudounaris has extensively researched the subject and will share stories such as Simon, history’s most heroic naval cat, who saved a British ship. Or Towser, the all time champion mouser, who became a celebrity by protecting a Scottish distillery.

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Cat Art Show LA 2: The Sequel was created, and is produced by, Susan Michals, a journalist who writes about the intersection of art, culture and celebrity and is also the creator ofCatConLA. For more details visit: http://catartshow.com/.

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