Black Rock rental Villa in the Santorini, Greece, was developed on a spectacular cliff-top area, overlooking the famous caldera. With its 6700 square feetarea and five beautiful bedrooms, the residence can take pride in its Cycladic architecture and its alluring design.

The villa is structured on three levels, each defined by space and attention to details: “Blackrock contains five gorgeous bedrooms and each has its own en-suite bathroom. The two largest suites are on the lower-ground floor, with three slightly smaller rooms located on the two upper floors of the house. The bedrooms all enjoy stunning views from whichever side of the house they are located on, and are flooded by sunshine throughout the day“.

Other features of the Santorini retreat include magnificent outdoor areas, a state-of-the art sound system, a generous swimming pool and jacuzzi. A play room for children is also available. As for the costs, a night in this particular part of Greece is priced from €1050 – 1750 per night, depending on the season.