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Bentley Unveils “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S

Bentley Unveils “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S

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The “Monster by Mulliner” Continental GT V8 S is a special super coupe aimed directly at singers and sports superstars.

Automotive aficionados are more than aware of Mulliner, the bespoke division of Bentley whose sole purpose in life is to meet the most discerning of client’s needs.

However, visitors to the 2016 CES, where this special edition is being presented — rather than at a traditional auto show — are more likely to be familiar with Monster, the premium audio brand with whom Mulliner is partnering on the model.

“Monster is proud to collaborate with Bentley on bringing the sound and look of a Monster ride to those who want something bold and different,” said company CEO Noel Lee. “With our Pure Monster Sound system, the drive will be truly incredible and brings a new level of excitement to the driving experience.”

And the sound system in question is unique. Each of the 16 speakers has been personally tuned by Lee himself to ensure 3,400 watts of unimpeded audio.

Not so long ago, a Bentley’s price tag was sufficient to ensure exclusivity but as even the world’s most desirable and historically unobtainable automotive brands continue to report record sales, those marques must now go to record lengths to ensure that even as sales increase and clients get younger, exclusivity and appeal are in no way diluted.

“That’s why this collaboration for the Continental GT V8 S is such a perfect fit. Our Monster motto ‘Always Lead Never Follow’ has never been more appropriately applied than in association with this impeccably designed automobile,” said Lee.


Alongide Monster’s audio, Mulliner has created a bespoke cabin using contrasting piano black veneer and vibrant red leather while outside there are a number of bespoke touches including stylized hood vents, grille surround and body kit, as well as a deep Onyx black paint finish.

Geoff Dowding, Director of Mulliner, said: “The inspiration for this Mulliner commission came from a meeting with Monster’s CEO Noel Lee at Pebble Beach in 2015, where we exchanged business cards. The card contained several brand details, such as the Monster-pattern design and the red, black and silver color scheme. It was the ideal starting point from which to create this incredible vehicle.”