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Armani Junior fashion show

Armani Junior fashion show

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Possibly the most adorable fashion show you’ll ever see.

What draws the young Armani customer to the Junior label is the designer’s unique talent for creating clothes that take children’s fashion seriously, while never once falling into the trap of merely creating adult pieces in small sizes. With his Junior line, Giorgio Armani designs clothes that take the playful, carefree, creative and pure energy of childhood, and translates them into wearable, durable, appropriately-aged fashion. Fashion that’s fun and spontaneous, well-constructed but fresh. It’s a style that kids are naturally drawn to because kids have a natural sense of style.

Just take a look at how each of the Armani Junior “models” approaches the passerella, all of them wearing distinctive looks by the Armani Junior label. Each kid – from the smallest, wobbly toddler, to the head-up-high, pre-teen, walks onto that stage and down the runway with their own interpretation of what it means to be wearing Armani Junior. The Armani Junior fashion shows have always been a little-known highlight for the label, an event kept well out of the frenzy and folly of Fashion Week, an occasion to show the industry insiders and buyers the Junior line in the best way possible – on the kids themselves. But we think the young Armani models have done such a great job here that we want to give you all inside peek.

Check out both the runway show and the backstage footage of the kids getting ready to take the stage. The excitement and energy just as electric as for an “adult” fashion show…with a high dose of fun. Seeing the Armani Junior models at work brings out the kid in all of us. Just try and watch this without breaking into a huge grin.

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