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A Delicious Dozen of Seattle’s Best Things to Eat

A Delicious Dozen of Seattle’s Best Things to Eat

There’s no denying that Seattle’s dining scene is on fire with everything from award-winning chefs to pop-up hot spots. The Emerald City’s restaurants have really been stepping up their game, and there are even gourmet food tours for sampling some of the city’s favorite feasts.  So you may think it’s impossible to eat your way through Seattle’s best in a month — much less a long weekend — but if you follow this guide to the city’s delicious dozen, you’ll sample some of the city’s most tried and true tastes:

While everyone raves about Biscuit Bitch, we actually suggest you step away from that madness for The MacGregor Biscuit from Honest Biscuits instead.  Their golden brown biscuits are baked daily using local ingredients and are honest-to-goodness amazing. These rich, buttery and dense biscuits also come as biscuit sandwiches… and yes, there are gluten free options on the menu!

Sure, there are lots of places to enjoy half shells in Seattle, but few will have the local flavor of Emmett Watson’s Oyster Bar. It’s almost easier to happen upon this Pike Place hideaway than to search for it, but once you do, you won’t venture anywhere else for meaty West Coast oysters — or any of a variety of other shellfish or fish n’chips.

For an irresistible assortment of treats, stop into Fran’s Chocolates. The family-owned confectioners have multiple locations, including one adjacent to the Four Seasons Hotel. While there is plenty to tempt you, Fran’s chocolate peanut butter cups always fly of the shelves, so grab one (or several) if they are available!


There’s a reason people wait in line for the Mac N’ Cheese at Beecher’s.  It’s worth it! Many say it’s the “World’s Best,” but you can sample for yourself, opting for a large or small portion of the creamy, rich and filling favorite. And while you’re snapping out of your comfort food coma, don’t miss checking out the cheese curds being made on site.

Piroshky Piroshky Bakery has a rich history of mouthwatering handcrafted Russian pastries.  Their dessert pastries are delicious, of course, but don’t sleep on their savory selections. The Smoked Salmon Pate Piroshky is a little pocket of perfection.

Daily Dozen Doughnuts might be easily overlooked if not for the lines waiting for their steaming deliciousness. But you’d be remiss not to stop at this spot near the famed Pike Place Fish Market, whether for breakfast or a quick pick-me-up.  After the batter is made fresh each morning, the mini-doughnuts are made-to-order, mechanically squeezed into to oil to make your selections as you wait.  The Bacon Maple Glazed are popular, but Cinnamon get our vote.

Six Seven at the Edgewater Hotel is without a doubt one of Seattle’s Best seafood restaurants. So when even Chef Jesse Souza admits that his favorite item on the menu is his Miso Glazed Black Cod, is there anything else to order? We’re talking melt in your mouth exquisiteness.

Tom Douglas’ Rub with Love Shack boasts a Salmon Burger earning more than its fair share of rave reviews. This wild salmon patty is seasoned with Douglas’ signature salmon rub and topped with house-made tartar, pickled green tomato, and romaine lettuce leaf. It’s likely the tenderest salmon burger you’ll ever taste.

The dish is so phenomenal that copycats try to replicate the recipe for the lasagna at The Pink Door, an ‘almost’ unmarked den of femininity — with a touch of circus flair — deep in Pike Place’s Post Alley. Do not miss your chance to indulge in this fresh spinach pasta layered with bechamel and pesto, topped with marinara sauce.

How about some authentic Mexican street food? Los AgavesPupusa features poached shrimp and octopus served with from-scratch cocktail sauce over a layer of fresh avocado and crackers. It’s a perfect snack in between all of the Seattle walking, sightseeing and shopping.

How could you pass up tasting the most popular dish in America? Pike Place Chowder has won numerous awards and fan polls for its magical New England style Clam Chowder.  And you win double foodie points if you opt for tasting it in a freshly baked sourdough bread bowl.  Yum!

And for a sweet finish, save room for a slice of perhaps the most superior Triple Coconut Cream Pie you’ve ever tasted. Tom Douglas’ signature confection at Dahlia Lounge is so elegant, you may almost feel guilty licking that last bit of cream from your spoon.  Almost.