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Ecocapsule, The Solar And Wind-Powered Home Is Available For $86,000

Ecocapsule, The Solar And Wind-Powered Home Is Available For $86,000

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Those who care for our planet and intend to make a notable change in the upcoming year can settle in the most eco-friendly mobile home, the Ecocapsule. Available for $86,000 each, a limited collection of 50 such egg-shaped green dwellings is up for pre-order. ecocapsule_2Developed by Nice Architects, this solar and wind-powered shelter is designed to function as a warm mountain cabin, a beach cabana, a quiet countryside studio or just a geeky hotel pod. Rendering a green touch to the independent housing trend, the Ecocapsule is covered with insulated fiberglass and an aluminum shell with four wheels for easy transport. The pod is also fitted with two hooks on the roof to allow transportation via a crane or helicopter.ecocapsule_1Topped with rooftop solar panels and a silent wind turbine, the compact home is powered by the 10 kWh battery which is designed to last for at least four days with a 2.2 kW per day usage. The unique shape of Ecocapsule not only minimizes heat losses, but also provides the most important thing for life, Water. Rain water is collected on the surface, where it’s collected to water tank and filtered.ecocapsule_4Ideal for two people, the 27-square-foot interior includes a bathroom with a shower and composting, a waterless toilet, a small kitchen area with a sink and two-burner stove, a convertible sofa that folds out to a double bed, desk space and electric hookups.

Made by a company based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic; the heart of Europe, the pre-orders for the first generation edition is limited to the European Union, United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The first 50 units of Ecocapsules will start shipping from the end of 2016 and all of them will finally be delivered by the first quarter of 2017.

The second generation mass production units with lower price tag will be shipped worldwide with no limitation.

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