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$12,600 Slips Down The World’s Most Expensive Slide

$12,600 Slips Down The World’s Most Expensive Slide

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Born with a silver spoon appears to be an outdated expression. Raised with a gold slide is the new age adage to depict that the child is born into a wealthy family. A Germany based firm, Jupiduu has unveiled the 24-carat gold leaf slide. Christened the Golden Unicorn, this gilded slide for children is certainly not designed for public use. The most basic toy to indulge in the fun of climbing and sliding gets a touch of luxury with gilding.

most_expensive_gold_slide_3Priced at about $12,600, the toy maker asserts that they already have received order for four Midas-touched slides from Dubai. The Sheikhs certainly want their children to get used to playing with gold from a very young age. Apart from helping toddlers to develop balance and coordination through the climbing and sliding, the Golden Unicorn will also assist to make them gold-friendly in a child-friendly manner.

However one client raised the bar of exclusivity by requesting a bespoke gold slide studded with ruby. Though there isn’t much detail nor images revealed about the exclusive ruby edition of Golden Unicorn, the brands claims that it is definitely the most expensive children’s slide in the world.

most_expensive_gold_slideThe gold slide is a must have for the toddler who has been soothed with diamond studded pacifier and slept in solid gold crib as an infant!

most_expensive_gold_slide_2Jupiduu’s founder Kai Buschmann explains that the craze for gold slides caught up from the brand’s gift to Prince George which was a blue slide. Well-heeled parents from Middle East poured in queries to make the same in gold though. Measuring about 57 inches in length, the slide is still available in blue, pink, green and white for a much affordable $240 to $315.