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Look Good, Do Good: Lily Cole And Her New Collection Of Rubber Jewellery

The model, actress and environmentalist, Lily Cole, launched a new limited-edition collection of rubber jewellery. The activist star aims to  raise awareness and help save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest. After being approached by Sky Rainforest Rescue, Lily Cole went to visit Brazil’s Amazon rainforest, where she learned about the “art” of producing rubber. Moreover, the craft and the people inspired her so much, that she decided to design a line of jewellery, confessing that she always had a thing for jewellery made of natural resources.

While she visited the rainforest, she discovered a new and inspirational world and decided to help the villagers that were involved into the rubber tapping process. The “Wild Rubber” collection was completely designed by the 25 years old model. As soon as she became the ambassador for Sky Rainforest Rescue, she started to develop a series of sustainability projects. The collection included rings, pendants and earrings, all made of metal and Amazonian wild rubber. You can find more information about the accessories on Stylish Pick.


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