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Limited Edition Gold Plated Beretta Gun to mark 50 years of James Bond

The god of spies ‘James Bond’ – a world famous action movie character and doesn’t need any introduction – couldn’t have got a more luxurious salute than this limited edition Beretta drenched in 24ct. gold. The year 2012 marks the 50 years of Bond’s silver screen debut. Considering the fact that in 1962 first ever Bond film titled ‘Dr No’ was showcased in cinemas, Goldgenie decided to make the golden jubilee much more elegant with this limited edition James Bond 007 Gold Beretta.

James Bond is always too selective about the weapons he chooses to spy with an edge. Beretta is therefore one of the most favorite weapons that the 007 picks for bringing in some action. The company has created only 50 such gold plated Beretta replicas to honor the king of spies as well as alluring the 007 fans on this memorable occasion. Each gold plated Beretta has been given a unique limited edition number which is engraved onto its barrel. Godgenie has given a £1,995 price tag to each singular 007 Bond gun. So, would you like to unleash your spying soul with this luxurious creation boasting Midas touch?

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