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Flying Yacht Concept

Should you fly or take the yacht? How about both. That’s the idea behind this audacious concept – a flying yacht designed by Yelken Octuri. The design has the 150-foot long yacht transforming its four mobile masts from sails to wings.

The flying yacht would have a range of about 370 miles.

The yacht has two main decks, a half-deck in the aft and another half-deck in the fore for the cockpit. Access inside the boat is through two doors located above the aft floats. The lower deck features a main room, a kitchen, a toilet and a storage room. The main room’s floor is above the sea level, so that the windows can be just above the boat’s waterline. The upper deck features three rooms and a bathroom

Octuri’s design was commissioned by three Omani princes. No time table for putting the concept into development has been announced.







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