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Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon

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We love a true, independent spirit maker. The growth of the craft beer industry over the last 20 years has spread into the whiskey world, and many quality small distillers have emerged in the past decade. The latest example is Wyoming Whiskey, a small batch bourbon whiskey distilled in Kirby, Wyoming.

The folks at Wyoming Whiskey take their independence seriously. All the ingredients for their flagship bourbon are locally sourced, including the corn, wheat and barley. The water used in production is from a mile-deep limestone aquifer, which gives the whiskey a unique minerality.

At its inception, the company tapped Steve Nally, a recently-retired distiller at Maker’s Mark (and an inductee into the Bourbon Hall of Fame), to craft the formula for the new whiskey. The result, our tasters declared, is wonderful.

On the nose, Wyoming Whiskey was a little harsh, but not unpleasant. There were some herbal and char notes, but a heavy caramel aroma emerged after some swirls.

Moving on to the taste we were surprised at the pleasant sweetness of the bourbon. The caramel, citrus and vanilla flavors mixed nicely with a slight mineral quality making it very drinkable. Through it all, Wyoming Whiskey retained a nice edge, refusing to be bland. It went down smooth and finished with welcoming rush of warmth in the chest.

Our tasters were mixed on the use of water and ice. Some preferred the whiskey neat, others just a splash of water or an ice cube or two.

Wyoming Whiskey has a quality product with its flagship bourbon. We respect that it sources its ingredients locally, and appreciated the solid character the drink displayed. Whiskey fans (and not bourbon lovers) should pick up a bottle, which will run you about $40-45.