The world’s tallest Lego tower has been erected in South Korean capital Seoul, after five days of work. The tower, which measures some 31.9 metres in height, took a team of 4,000 children to build and uses some 500,000 bricks.

It begins with a cross formation at the base for stability, and tapers towards the peak, where the final pieces were added with the aid of a hammer to ensure the tower was even.

In a nail-biting finish, Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, Lego’s original homeland, ascended the tower on a hydraulic platform to press the last brick into place.

The event was scheduled to mark the 80th birthday of the children’s favourite — since its conception by Danish carpenter Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932, Lego has become a worldwide phenomenon, with 36 billion bricks produced every year (around 1,140 a second).

The Seoul tower now stands as the tallest Lego structure ever made, having overtaken a tower in France which measured 31.6 metres, although given that the record has been broken some 30 times, it may not be long before it’s toppled again.