Well-heeled women in California can avail the best of the opportunity to make their nails shine like diamonds. Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Orange Country is now home to the country’s most expensive bottle of nail polish, Gold Rush by Models Own. models-own-gold-rush_2The $130,000 nail lacquer features a yellow gold bottle top encrusted with more than one thousand real diamonds. Moreover it paints the nails with the same opulent glitter. Though a ready to wear version of the polish is available on the maker’s website, Images Luxury Nail Lounge is the only place in America with access to the real, diamond-dusted Gold Rush.

Tony Nguyen, general manager of the beauty salon renowned for its $25,000 manicure states, “Not only is the bottle absolutely exquisite, but also the richness and dimension of the color on nails is unlike any other polish on the market. It truly looks as if your nails have been adorned in gold leaf and sprinkled with diamond powder.”

Images Luxury Nail Lounge