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World’s First Jeans Designed By Wild Animals

World’s First Jeans Designed By Wild Animals

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Untamed animals have tamed fashion in Japan. Zoo Jeans are the first of its kind to be designed by dangerous animals. Lions, tigers and bears set to work by gnawing and clawing the denim fabric which was used to shape unique collection of jeans.

zoo_jeansDenim wrapped old tires and giant rubber balls were thrown in to the animals’ closures at the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi city. The animals in a sincere playful manner do their bit to endow the citizens of the fashion jungle with genuine wild style. The distressed denim is then styled out to debut the Zoo Jeans collection.  


Animal print is one of the trends that is here to stay forever. However, it’s the first time fashionistas can actually wear animal designed clothing like a second skin. Created with pure animal instinct, the Zoo Jeans label has actually been initiated to support the Kamine Zoon and with the goal of revivifying it.

zoo_jeans_2Zoo director Nobutaka Namae roared about the new wild jeans, “The denim was actually much tougher than we had thought, and it turned out nicely destroyed. “ He added that the idea came from a Tokyo advertising executive who wanted to give something back to the zoo where he spent time as a child. Two pairs of jeans ripped by lions along with a tiger-destroyed and a bear-savaged edition are being auctioned on Japan’s Yahoo Auctions. As of yet, the tiger-designed denim pant has secured a bid of about $1,200.

The proceeds of the wild jeans will be donated to the zoo and the conservation group WWF.

Zoo Jeans

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