The world’s most expensive necklace sports an egg-sized gemstone as well as a monstrous price tag of $55 million. The L’Incomparable necklace designed and produced by Mouawad is on sale at a jewelry show in Singapore.

World’s_most_expensive_necklace_The highlight of this dazzling creation is the 407 carats yellow stone which is also known as ‘The Golden Giant’. The internally flawless diamond dangles from a rose gold strand which is complemented with 90 white diamonds. In all, this glittering necklace will add 637 carats to wearer’s the neckline.

World’s_most_expensive_necklace_L'Incomparable_1Jean Nasr, managing director of Mouawad Boutique who shows off the 637-carat necklace at a media event in Singapore claims that, “Serious interest has been expressed by a couple of potential buyers from Asia. People who will get something like this are looking at it from a different perspective because this is definitely an investment piece.”