The first picture may seem an ordinary bench made of birch plywood. The rest of the bench collection will wow you. Illusions of abrupt designs, animal silhouettes and versatile storage/seating units are all part of the bench collection designed by Valeriy Kuznetsov and Katerina Kuznetsova of Decor Kuznetsov. The award-winning Ukrainian design duo constructed the benches from natural and modern materials, shaping them into contemporary visions of a different type of living. These furniture items express versatile, smart designs prepared to create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

An ash wood seat and a shelf are incorporated in a lie-down bench called Lying-in. Another piece is the Playing Corners Bench, another ash wood creation made of three angular elements. The birch plywood Colliders piece combines two chairs and a shelf, allowing the user to decorate and use it as a blank canvas or leave it as it is, in the hope of being at least one of the natural furniture items in a modern home.