Not only the diamonds, Swarovski, gold and all such precious materials make a creation look luxurious but sometimes it’s just aesthetics that spells the magic of luxury onto a certain object. If you do not agree with this statement then just have a look at this riddled cabinet which serves a dual purpose of a storage unit as well as a sculpture piece which you can boast about as your unique furniture addition.

There are about five exquisite walnut cubes in the ‘Riddled Cabinet’ which is perforated with intricate detailing. All of the five faceted cubes have different set of spatial arrangements too. This kind of designing gives it an illusion of being a light weighted sculpture though it has been made from materials which are not actually lightweight. The design has been carved out onto the walnut cubes with the help of computer operated drills. The cabinet blends perfectly with the modernity and style that people like to have in their furniture. It creates wonderful patterns of light and shadow that makes it a masterpiece of artistic capability. This marvel furniture goes under the hammer for $26,250 at Wright 20.