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New Windstar Suites Salute The Broadmoor & Sea Island Resort

New Windstar Suites Salute The Broadmoor & Sea Island Resort

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While Ritz-Carlton and other hotel brands have been plagued with problems and delays for their private yacht launches, two iconic resorts — the legendary 100-year-old Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, and Sea Island in coastal Georgia — came up with a clever solution: transform existing Classic Suites to recreate the sophisticated five-diamond Broadmoor and Sea Island style on Windstar Cruises’ Star Plus Class yachts. 

Windstar Cruises’ Star Breeze

Windstar’s lovely 312-passenger Star Legend is the first vessel to show off two new themed suites, in addition to a commissioned mural painted by Miami-based artist Alex Nuñez. Titled “First Light,” the mixed-media mural is inspired by the artist awakening at sea to the sun rising on the horizon. “The hues of blue envelop the marine life thriving beneath the crashing waves,” says Nuñez.

Windstar Cruises’ muralist Alex Nuñez

The two specialty suites are inspired by Windstar’s Forbes Five-Star sister companies The Broadmoor and Sea Island, and will also be installed on Windstar’s two other Star Plus Class yachts: Star Breeze this spring, and Star Pride in 2024. 

“Unlike hotel brands that have begun offering yacht-style cruises, this is a unique example of a cruise line bringing a separate land-based experience to sea,” explains Windstar President Christopher Prelog. “It connects and cross-sells a diverse and seemingly unrelated set of travel experiences that have shared ownership.”

Windstar Cruises’ Sea Island Suite Living Room

In the Sea Island Suite, guests find elegant touches that evoke the property’s Southern hospitality and interior design by Addison Mizner: curved arches, light walls, and sophisticated wood furnishings. “The overall look is quite coastal and airy – colors like sea-glass green are used throughout,” says Prelog. “In The Broadmoor Suite, you’ll find a traditional space with classic furniture, floral motifs, white trim with gold finishes, and wide crown molding.”

Windstar Cruises’ The Broadmoor Suite

Several design solutions were made to honor each resorts’ special style while also meeting International Maritime Organization rules for sea safety. Resort throw rugs were replaced with inset carpet, and Windstar designed custom wallpapers on International Maritime Organization-certified paper. The wallpaper in the Broadmoor Suite is an exact replica of the pattern used at The Broadmoor Main Building, as designed by Julie Penrose, wife of the resort’s founder.

“Her initials are actually part of the wallpaper design, and it’s a strong statement piece from the resort that anyone who has visited will instantly recognize,” Prelog says. “It’s sweet to think that Julie’s love for travel inspired and influenced the décor of the Broadmoor, and now her custom wallpaper will sail around the world on Windstar Cruises.”

The Broadmoor Suite Bedroom