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What Your Stylist Won’t Tell You

What Your Stylist Won’t Tell You

Is your hair stylist being completely honest with you? Chances are she’s not, as no matter how close the two of you are there are certain things he or she is probably thinking but wouldn’t dare say out loud. Here are a few of the most common:

  • “I can’t work miracles. I can give you that celebrity’s haircut but I can’t give you her face.”
  • “This is a business so although we might be friends please call if you’re running late. It’s just basic respect.”
  • “Don’t ask me to ‘squeeze you in’ when I’m already booked. It would mean rushing through or taking time away from others and that’s bad for my business and hardly fair to other clients.”
  • “I’m a good listener, not a therapist. I know about hair, not relationship problems and mental disorders.”
  • “Your hair changes with your hormones so if you’re pregnant or menopausal it might not hold curls the way it used to or become brittle and limp. Don’t blame me, just see a doctor.”
  • “You’re lucky children’s haircuts don’t cost more than yours, and they definitely shouldn’t cost lessKids don’t sit still, they kick, and they scream. It isn’t easy.”
  • “A dollar doesn’t buy anything anymore so you should tip at least $3, more if you have long hair or got a special treatment.”
  • “A trim is never “just” a trim because it takes both my expertise and my time. Would you let your neighbor do it? Or one of your friends even? No? I didn’t think so.”

What Your Stylist Won't Tell You

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