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Vitamin B supplements could delay onset of Alzheimer’s

Vitamin B supplements could delay onset of Alzheimer’s

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Taking daily supplements of B vitamins may delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, suggests a new study.

The Oxford University trial saw the neurological decline in patients was reduced by as much as half after using B vitamins.

That breakthrough has raised hopes that the vitamins could slow down, and maybe even prevent, the shrinkage that affects many older people’s brains.

Healthy middle-aged people hoping to avoid dementia and older people exhibiting early signs of memory loss might now be tempted to start routinely taking the vitamins, he said. But they should not do without first talking to their doctor, as the tablets could help stimulate the growth of early-stage cancer, he warned.

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  • Bottom line, you gotta protect number one (*points to head*), even if your merchandise is beginning to show serious signs of wear. Get on them vitamins, folks! And while you’re at it, take Vitamin D, it helps prevent a slew of different types of cancer and heart disease.

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