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Virgin Buildings To Be The World’s Greenest Skyscrapers

Virgin Buildings To Be The World’s Greenest Skyscrapers

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Founded by Richard Branson, Virgin Group largely covers business areas like travel, entertainment and lifestyle along with transport, health care, food and drink, and telecommunications too. Virgin delivers their latest new venture by launching Virgin Buildings. Announcing the world’s greenest skyscrapers, Virgin has plans to change the landscape of the cities around the world.

Virginb_buildings_handThese eco-friendly structures are also conceptualized to add an element of whimsical design to the skylines too. The first four projects announced by Virgin Buildings include a spaceship shaped tower in Sydney, a plane like design in London, a balloon shaped high-rise in New York and a kiteboard design in Cape Town. Intended to transform the landscape with such outstandingly unusual shapes, the sky-scrapers are also designed to give a positive boost to our environment.

Virgin_buildings_globeVirgin Buildings assert that these towers will feature renewable and recycled materials and cutting edge environmental considerations. They are expected to collect and recycle 100% of their water, some of which will be used for novel heating and cooling systems. Trimmed with vertical gardens, the building will be able to provide an opportunity to the residents to grow food too. Another revolutionary feature claimed by the firm is that some of the buildings will even rotate to change how they interact with the sun.

Adapting to suit every individual’s personal preferences, every inch of the building is designed to be flexible and can be extended or reduced to meet the requirement. Every single floor is built in a modular way, so walls can altered to provide a bigger kitchen or a smaller dining area.

Virgin_buildings_moonRichard Branson also has plans to claim the honor of bieng the first company to put a hotel on the moon! After these first Virgin Buildings, his group will be working on taking a unique Tubular Bells design into space.

Not new to adapting and promoting the green lifestyle, already many of Virgin’s buildings incorporate best in class environmental standards. Virgin Galactic’s Space Terminal at Spaceport America, Virgin America at Terminal 2 in San Francisco airport, the new Virgin Hotels, Virgin Money Lounges and Virgin Management head office and the likes are just few to name.